Astronomy Internship 2022

The stability of flattened rotating spheroids

Astrophysical context

Rotation is ubiquitous in the universe. Its impact on the short term stability and long term evolution of galaxies is nonetheless often theoretically set aside, as it involves further degrees of freedom. At a time when ab initio cosmological simulations of large volume of our universe reach sufficient resolution to characterise the intricate resonant dynamics of galaxies, linear response should prove enlightening to best make sense of how populations of flattened rotating systems evolve over a Hubble time.


This internship will be focused on addressing the following questions: By which processes can a galaxy reshuffle its orbital structure and access the free energy encoded in its kinematic anisotropy and rotation? What specific role do resonances play in the process? How do they operate?


Strong interest in theoretical astronomy, dynamics, analytical and numerical work


The internship will be co-supervised by Simon Prunet et Christophe Pichon (IAP, Paris) as part of the SEGAL ANR (